Sabine Liva

In her paintings, Sabīne Līva skillfully captures the essence of the environment through harmonious compositions, delicate light tones, and precise line patterns. As a Latvian artist, she has captivated not only the local art scene but also gained recognition internationally.

Her ethereal artworks seamlessly blend urban themes, natural landscapes, meticulous compositions, and exquisite textures. One of Sabine's favorite themes is light, which she explores through various techniques. Whether it's through color, texture, or the intentional use of light sources like graceful strings of light bulbs, individual bulbs, or concealed lamp shades, she reveals the presence of light in her artwork.

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2023 - "Spectra" (Latvia)
         - "Tonika" (Latvia)
         - "Flight" (Latvia)
2022 - "#exhibition.moonstone" (Latvia)
2019 - "Flood lines" (Latvia)
2017 - "Avio" (Latvia)
2016 - "Domino" (Latvia)
2005 - 2018: - Art Expo (Toronto, Canada)
2005 - Art Expo (New York, USA)

Sabine Liva has been successful in participating in many important art shows around the world since 1995. Her paintings are owned by individuals and companies in Canada, the United States, the Far East, and Europe. Some notable places where her artwork can found include Ritz-Carlton Toronto, Dubai Ritz, and Four Seasons Jackson Hole in the United States.


- Graduated with Honours from the Ontario College of Art and Design
- Completed her thesis studies in Florence, Italy
- Received her formal education in Riga, Latvia.
- Studied academic drawing and painting at the renowned Jan Rozental’s School of Art and Academy of Latvia.

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