Alise Medina

Latvia - born in 1984

In Alice's works, a partial interpretation of what is seen, felt and experienced in nature lies on the canvas. Alise adores the sun and often its presence is enhanced in her work.

"I am interested in the play of lights found in nature, the deep dimension, the different moods and the variability of nature. Although the landscape genre is not popular in today's "hypermodern" environment of artists, in my opinion, it can embody and represent this era more than others. Therefore, this is a contemporary art direction."

More about the artist

Solo Exhibitions

2015 - "City nuances", Classical Art Gallery "Antonija" (Riga, Latvia)
2013 - "City monologues", Classical Art Gallery "Antonija" (Riga, Latvia)
2012 - "Sun of Andalusia", Spanish cultural center (Riga, Latvia)
         - "Betrachtungen", Art space "Seeteufel", (Leipzig, Germany)
         - "Spring Symptoms", Classical Art Gallery "Antonija" (Riga, Latvia)
         - "Sun of Andalusia", Art cafe "Sienna", (Riga, Latvia)
2011 - "To fall in love with you again", Art Gallery "Pegazs", (Riga, Latvia)
         - "Fairy tales for adults", Jack Maris Museum, (Malden, Netherlands)
2010 - "Meetings in Seville", Flat Gallery, (Riga, Latvia)
         - "Naked silence", Art Gallery "Pegazs", (Riga, Latvia)
         - "Paintings", Gjensidige corp. Baltic Kuldza branch (Kuldiga, Latvia)
2009 - "Two worlds", Art Gallery "Jekabs", (Riga, Latvia)
         - "Two worlds", Liepajas Museum, (Liepaja, Latvia)
         - "Summer breath", Insurance branch of Parex Bank in Kuldza, (Kuldiga, Latvia)
2008 - "Ground surface elements", Art Gallery "Darta", (Riga, Latvia)
2007 - "Experience", Art Gallery "Darta", (Riga, Latvia)
2006 - "Today and then", St. Peter's church, (Parnu, Estonia)

Group Exhibitions

2012 - "Landscape", Gallery "Laipa" (Valmiera, Latvia)
         - "Salve", "Kunstraum Connex", (Leipzig, Germany)
2011 - "Chocolate", Gallery "Laipa" (Valmiera, Latvia)
         - "Big summer show", Gallery "Mans.s", (Jekabpils, Latvia)
         - "People in armor", "Medieval shop", (Riga, Latvia)
         - "Factory street", Art room "D-Fab", (Riga, Latvia)
         - "Surprising city", Art Gallery "Pegazs", (Riga, Latvia)
         - "Landscape" exhibition-competition, Art Gallery "Laipa", (Valmiera, Latvia)
         - "Sensual life", Art Gallery "Birkenfelds", (Riga, Latvia)
2010 - "Color. Line. Form.", Riga Art Space, (Riga, Latvia)
         - "Silent nature", Art Gallery "Jekabs", (Riga, Latvia)
         - "Baltic young artist show", Gallery "Globalartroom" (Riga, Latvia)
         - "Switch", Riga Art Space, (Riga, Latvia)
         - "Spring freckles", Art Gallery "Laipa", (Valmiera, Latvia)
         - "Fon Segenbush scholarship exhibition", Latvian Academy of Art, (Riga, Latvia)
2009 - "Latvian paintings in Odessa", Latvian consulate of honor, (Ukraine)
         - "Latvian Academy of Arts student exhibition", Vismara University Exhibition hall (Bad Doberan, Germany)
         - "New perspectives", "House of Moscow", (Riga, Latvia)
         - "Self-portrait", Latvian Academy of Arts Gallery, (Riga, Latvia)
         - "Everything is allowed", Forum Maia, (Maia, Portugal)
         - "Mobilidade", Porto University Plastic Arts Faculty Museum, (Porto, Portugal)
2008 - "Tree Architecture", closing contest exhibition of Forburga, Latvian Academy of Arts Gallery, (Riga, Latvia)
         - "Pastels", Jelgavas History and Art Musem, (Jelgava, Latvia)
         - "Camea", Miniature exhibition at Gallery "MC2", (Riga, Latvia)
         - "SEB Scholarship exhibition", Latvian Academy of Arts Gallery, (Riga, Latvia)
         - "Riga - Nurnberg - Riga", exhibition of students at the Nuremberg Academy of Arts, (Nuremberg, Germany)
         - "ID", Gallery "1st floor", (Riga, Latvia)
         - "Pearls of the Hot Age", Gallery "Bonhans.s", (Riga, Latvia)
         - "LAA Art Students show", Gallery "Laipa", (Valmiera, Latvia)
2007 - "Autumn 2007", Central Latvian Post Building, (Riga, Latvia)
         - "Silent Pardaugava", Closing exhibition of "Forburga" contest, LAA, (Riga, Latvia)
         - "Marina 2007" closing exhibition, Liepajas Museum Gardens, (Liepaja, Latvia)
         - "Tam-taram" exhibition organized by Glen latvia, Origo, (Riga, Latvia)
         - "Anna - from heart", Gallery "1. stavs", (Riga, Latvia)
         - I. Zarina contest-exhibition, Gallery "Bastejs", (Riga, Latvia)
2006 - "An Incident of a Finger" drawing exhibition, Jurmala Museum, (Jurmala, Latvia)
         - Exhibition dedicated to still life in Gallery "MC2", (Riga, Latvia)
2005 - "Painting on a Tree" Art Gallery "Bastejs", (Riga, Latvia)
         - Art student exhibition in Gallery "Laipa", (Valmiera, Latvia)
         - 41. Exhibition of Baltic esperanto Days at Latvian Society House, (Riga, Latvia)
         - Art student exhibition "ReNew", Latvian Academy of Arts Gallery, (Riga, Latvia)
2004 - Artist group exhibition "Absolute things", Galery "MC2", (Riga, Latvia)


2011 - Gallery "Laipa" landscape competition, award for being viewer favorite (Latvia)
2010 - Gallery "Globalartroom", competition, "Baltics young artists contest", 1. place (Latvia)
2007 - Albert fund scholarship (Latvia)
2007 - Event "Marina 2007", category: recognition of professionals (Liepaja, Latvia)


2007 - currently: Latvian Academy of Arts, Arts Division, Masters degree

2008 - 2009: Porto University, Studies at Faculty of Plastic Arts under THE EU Lifelong Learning Programme ERASMUS

2003 - 2007: Latvian Academy of Arts, Bachelors degree in Arts

1996 - 2003: Jana Rozenthal Riga School of Art, Specialisation - Arts

1990 - 1996: Graduated from Agenskalna Gymnasium

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